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Digital Marketing Specialist 


Boston, MA

Jenn is a Penn State alumni, who currently resides in the Boston, MA area. She has extensive experience working hands-on in a range of science-related fields, and has worked recent years on the systems side, from SQL database management, keyword research from the search engine viewpoint, web development, and ensuring overall quality assurance and compliance. For Ben-Her, Jenn handles SEO Assessments; Email Marketing and Reporting systems such as Marketo and SharpSpring; and on Social and ECommerce needs. Jenn is also well versed in the more conventional display and print media planning and implementation processes. She is able to fill in wherever is needed, bringing attention to detail and intuition, whether on the backend set-up of a website or components of a media plan, and how they relate to the overall user experience to fulfill each client's marketing ops and strats.

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